Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dinner Disaster!

For some reason, I always seem to have cooking disasters when I'm expecting dinner guests! Ya might know....

We have been friends with the Williamson's for a long time. I'm not even sure just how many years ago we met. For years we shared the same road and only lived about a mile apart but our paths never crossed. Then one year we were at a Car Convention & Bob noticed a car with a window tag that said "Columbus, Indiana"! Right in our own home town. Bob kept watching to see who's car it was & finally met up with the couple from Columbus...& would you believe, they lived just about a mile away from us! It was the beginning of our friendship. (I think I've told this story before...but it bares repeating.)

Our "Bob's" are quite the Chevy men and love to talk cars. They both have "car shops", collect car memorabilia, old signs, and about anything pertaining to growing up in the 50's & 60's. Mary Ann enjoys the car hobby more than I do (I tolerate it!) but we both enjoy gardening, scrapbooking, & genealogy. So, as couples...we have plenty to talk about, although we don't get together very often.

Mary Ann used to have a catering business & is quite the gourmet cook. I've enjoyed many of her delightful dishes that have always turned out perfectly.

So you can understand that I'm a tad bit intimated!

I'd never had them over for a meal--until tonight.

I thought I had everything under control and was going to do an easy grilled steak dinner, baked potato casserole, fresh steamed veggies & spinach salad. And a dessert that Karen suggested.

Well....I was layering my summer torte, and for some reason it just didn't look quite right. I kept layering...smearing on the Cool Whip (sorry Mary Ann, no fresh whipped cream!), more berries & cubes of pound cake. I finally swirled on the last of the Cool Whip & thought I would top it off with some grated white chocolate. That's when it hit me. I was supposed to be layering the silly thing with a pudding mixture--not Cool Whip!

Exasperated and with no time to go shopping for ingredients to assemble another torte, I threw it in the fridge. I ran to the deep freezer in the garage and, thank goodness, found a Schwan's Turtle Pie! (Thank your Karen for letting me store that for you... mmmmm.) The day was saved.

Until I put my steaks on the grill.
I do believe that marinade for steaks must be very flammable! Because I didn't think I waited that long to go check the steaks and much to my dismay, they were actually on fire! Yikes!!! I quickly dragged them to a safe corner on the grate & smacked the blazes out with my grill fork. I checked & although charred, they were still very rare, so I knew they needed more time on the grill. Believe me, I was very careful to keep an eye on them the rest of the time.

Other than that, we had a delightful evening with our friends. The guys were nice enough to sit around and visit with us without making a mad dash for the old cars. Later Mary Ann & I walked through my yard (I had plenty of weeds & Japanese beetles for her to see!) and we talked flowers until the heat & bugs drove us back inside.

So, I can say I've done it. I've finally had the Willaimson's over for a meal. And we won't wait so long to get together with them again. But I think the next time we just might go out to a nice restaurant & give this ole cook a break! I'm sure they will appreciate not having to suffer through any more of my burnt offerings!

P.S. I did end up serving my Cool Whip Torte along with the Turtle Pie and Bob said he thought it was better without the pudding! I shouldn't have even told them of my mistake....
And no, that isn't an actual picture of my steaks on our grill (I "borrowed" it for somewhere in blog land!). but mine were about that black on one side. :(
And I completely forgot to take any pictures until our guests were about ready to walk out the door and Mary Ann refused to pose! I'll get her next time!


Karen Walden said...

Oh my word Mom!!! That sounds like something I would do! I think I would've just told them we had to go out to Texas Roadhouse!!! :) At least they were good sports about it.

And...I am so glad to know those weren't your steaks! I couldn't believe you served them something like that and couldn't believe you took the time to take a picture of them either! :)

Peggy said...

We were entertaining singers from our revivial one time, and I had worked so hard getting everything perfect, and was dishing up the meatloaf, and spilled half of it on the floor. Lucky for me, there was plenty left cause I had made a big one. I was embarrassed, but the Mrs. was so gracious. I have never forgotten my disaster. Oh by the way - it was the Dunns. They are great!

Sheila said...

That's funny, Peggy! I would have died!!! I'm sure Shirley & Bud didn't make a big deal out of it though.

For my birthday, Jeff & April brought a pretty cake. We were in the family room & heard a big crash in the kitchen. Brycen had pulled the cake off & it landed upside down on the floor! I scooped it up, made sure it was edible, smeared the icing around & we ate it anyway!

Sherry Gates said...

I think there is a law that say things go wrong when company is coming. I remember the first time my mil came to see us after we were married and things just failed. My mom tried to help me and it didn't improve. She finally said if we could eat it so could the mil so we did!

Lady J said...

Just so you know, frozen whole egg yolks don't taste good in home made ice cream! That's right-I was young, my first attempt at making ice cream and didn't know to beat the eggs first. Of course, we were having company that I was trying to impress. I impressed them alright!

Dorcas said...

I had to chuckle when I read this post about everything going wrong when you least want it to!! That's how it usually happens, right? When you want everything just perfect for your guests :o)