Sunday, June 8, 2008

We live on an Island?

View from Carr Hill Road...looking towards downtown Columbus

Would who have thought that you could become stranded on an island in Columbus, Indiana? happened late last night. All roads were closed coming in & going out of Columbus. All were told to stay where you were, to keep from putting rescue workers in further danger.

Our city is surrounded by rivers, creeks & streams. This shows how quickly we can become gridlocked by rising waters.

Needless to say, church was cancelled today. There may have been a handful of people that could have ventured out, but it seemed more religious to stay in the safety of your home.

Jonathan, Karen & Monty finally found an open road about 4a.m. this morning & quickly made their way home to their sleeping children. Elaine had them all tucked into bed. I hear that they were all glad to see their Mommys & Daddys this morning!

another view off or Carr Hill Road

On a sad note, Gene Davis' brother lost his life last night in an accident. Angie's blog is linked to mine & you can read about it there. Our heart goes out to the Davis family.

Another man lost his life in the northern part of the county, trying to cross high water. I've heard that another person is missing.

Our local hospital is closed until further notice. All patients were safely evacuated & the equipment was shuttled to higher ground. Employees are not to report to work until further it looks like Karen may be on an unplanned vacation.

I did drive down our hill early this morning to see how far the river was out. Water was everywhere! I only went a short way, then parked & walked to take a few pictures. Carr Hill road was under water, just past Menards & Walmart. Quite a few people were out walking or biking to see the site.

So, how do you spend a Sunday afternoon, stranded at home? Normally I would be catching a little nap after having Sunday dinner. But I'm too keyed up & I don't think Bob will be getting his usual Sunday meal. I'm trying not to be glued to the local Internet sites, but can't help but check every once in a while to see what else has happened.

An IDIOT driving through the water behind Menards!

There are deep ponds on each side of the road

We are so thankful that our family is safe. Buildings can be repaired or replaced.

Please keep the Davis family in your prayer!


Karen Walden said...

Sure wish we could be there for Sunday dinner. Bet you have more food in your house than I do!!!!! (and we have guests!!!)

Would love to have some fresh strawberries!!!

Steve Hight said...

Actually, Karen, you have refugees. :-) Refugees are grateful for anything they can get to eat.

Sheila, thanks for the commentary and pictures. I'm glad the church didn't get flooded again; bad enough for the school basement to get another dousing.

What's the latest on Darin and Amy? We heard that they lost everything.

How about Jane Wetherald? Was her area flooded?

Any idea what it might have been like where we used to live?

Someone said that the Candlelight Village where Sheila Henderson lives was hit pretty badly.

Sheila said...

Darin & Amy have been able to get back home. Water had been up to the next to the top step of the basement. Mud is everywhere. Her parents are there helping them. Jonathan & Monty were going over to help also. Amy's work computer was in the basement, all of the girls toys, but not too much more furniture. On the main florr they did get some water in their bathroom & carpet barely wet. Still devestating.

No word on Jane W. but Janet B lives in Taylorsville area & had to put water out of crawlspace.

I haven't heard about the east side of town. Jeff & April just sold their house in McCulloughs Run last month & are renting while Bob builds their new house. Their McCulloughs' Run house was on the back street & no doubt has water damage.

Candlelight was supposedly evacuated.

We have duplexes in Windsor Addition, just down the hill from Candlelight, & some of our renters had to be rescued. One called just a while ago & said they were back home. His wife & 4 month old had been picked up by helicopter yesterday. They have mud in their garage but no wet carpet. Thank the good Lord!!! One of our renters is a dear old lady up in her 80's. She has been at the rescue center at North High School & I think she is very upset. We are concerned for her.

The water seemed to come from our creeks, streams, & rivers. Not so much for the rain that we received, but from the north. My rain gauge only showed 2 1/2 inches.

Thanks for your concern. I've heard this afternoon that Shelly (Dill) Perry had to be taken to the hospital...not sure where or why.

Keep Columbus in your prayers!

Lady J said...

Well I know what I am doing this afternoon-cleaning a few places that have long been neglected-also some long neglected laundry. Jane W is in NC at camp, haven't heard from her. Her house is okay although I haven't been over there specifically to check. Keep the church news posted-I'm not hearing from anyone.

Karen Walden said...

Shelly was on her way to Indianapolis for dehydration and vomiting according to Angie Davis. Will post blog hotline updates as I hear them!

Gene's brother's funeral is probably going to be Wednesday. Not sure of specific details yet.

Jonathan, Montie, and Randy Dunn are helping the Shearer's out as I write.

Sheila said...

You can use this post for an update for now if you want to.

Thanks Janet & Karen!

Karen Walden said...

There was no ambulance available to take Shelly to Indy so Rick had to take her in their car to St V's... I heard that Rick and Shelly had to evacuate their house yesterday also. Don't know the extent of damage to their house yet though.

We are keeping Gene and Angie with us for 2 nights... I told her "We'll leave the light on for you!"

Steve Hight said...

Thanks for the news from everyone. I'll check back for more. I'm glad things aren't as bad for Darin and Amy as we had first heard, though it's certainly bad enough.