Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The old metal chair...

I do believe that the old metal lawn chairs might be older than me. That definitely qualifies it to be an antique!

Yes, that is me as a baby trying my best to sit up in the old metal chair. We had two of them and our summers were spent lazying around in our yard, under the shade tree, trying to see who could get to the chairs first.

I remember Dad coming home on a hot summer day after spending the day in the welding shop, stretching out in the back yard to cool down a bit after supper, sitting in one of the old metal chairs. The summers were hot, our cars were not air conditioned, and no one we knew had the luxury of central air. So the chair was the perfect place to relax, read the afternoon edition of The Columbia Tribune, and watch the traffic go by.

Of course the chairs were moved to Kansas when we left our little Hallsville home. There, our new home had a beautiful fenced in back yard, decorative stone patio, and wonderful shade trees, and the perfect place for our vintage chairs.

After our parents were gone and the time came to go through their things, I made sure one of the old metal chairs came my way. I don't think Steve is quite as sentimental about seemingly worthless things, but Carol & I both go on little sentimental journeys every once in a while. I'm the one that wants to hang on to all of the old things of the past. Steve is welcome to come sit in my old chair & and listen to me chatter about our childhood memories.

This week I decided my chair needed a little sprucing up. I had seen in some of my gardening magazines how vintage chairs were painted bright colors and used as an accent piece. So...I purchased a couple of cans of spray paint and went to work. I had chosen "watermelon pink" as I loved the color displayed on the plastic lid. But much to my surprise, the color became a lot more intense & vivid than I had visualized! My old metal chair now looks like something you would find in some artzy antique shop.

For now it will have to do and I'm hoping that the sun fades the color away just a little bit. Meanwhile, I know have one of the brightest old metal lawn chairs around. It almost matches Dad's shed that Steve painted "Peptobismal Pink"...and that's another story!


Carol said...

Actually, I really like the new color. I may have to consider a new paint job for my half of the old relics. Good job, Sis! It looks at least as good as Dad's hot pink shed...if not better! : )

Karen Walden said...

That is bright but cute all the same! Were they always white when Grandma and Grandpa had them?

You have to post a picture of Gpa's barn after Steve fixed it up! :)

Michelle said...

We used to have old metal chairs just like those! I have no idea what mom and dad did with them.

Peggy said...

I love that color.
See you Saturday at the shower.

Sheila said...

Well, I actually like the color too. It just looks a little bold with all of my rusty garden accents. :) Vintage lawn chairs are quite the rage now. I've seen mine in several garden magazines & sometimes they are referred to as "hotel chairs". Maybe the hotels had them for outdoors. I should post a picture of my purple table!

See ya Saturday, Peggy! I heard great news for Wesley job-wise!!!

I'm off to of my least favorite outdoor jobs.

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Kathy said...

Michelle commented that we had some chairs just like those and didn't know what we did with them; I sold them (Cheap!)in a yard sale. I didn't have any sentimental memories of them. I do like your pink chair though and I especially like your purple table!