Saturday, June 7, 2008

and the rains came down...and the floods came up!

Twenty four hours ago all was well in South/Central Indiana. But during the night we were ravaged by torrents of rain, more than we have seen in a long, long time.

I went to bed after midnight & heard thunder rolling in the distance. Before I fell asleep, it was pouring rain and the storm had hit. It seemed like the thunder sounded all through the night, bringing sheets of rain with it. This was to have been our first Farmer's Market Saturday & my plans were to go see what goodies they might have. But when I heard the pounding rain, I rolled over in bed & slept until past 9a.m. Wonderful sleeping weather!

It didn't look that bad out my window and my rain gauge only showed 2 1/2 inches of rainfall. But the radio was reporting 9 inches of rain just a few miles away, and our neighboring Johnson County was under a state of emergency. That got my attention!

Just north of us had received anywhere from 9 to ll inches of rain in the night. Morgan County was having unheard of mudslides. Homes were quickly becoming surrounded & then flooded with water. West of Indianapolis, I-70 was closed because of water over the Interstate! Then I-65 (which runs past our back yard!) was closed north of us for over 30 miles because of water covering that Interstate also. Good friends of Jonathan & Karen's had to be rescued before the water got to their house. Later, Jonathan had a second call to help Darin & Amy get away from their home, where the water was supposedly to the top of their basement steps!

Jonathan called to warn me that the duplexes we own, not far away from Darin & Amy, were probably getting water logged too! I set to see the damages.

I didn't get far in town until I realized how serious the situation was becoming. Hawcreek was covering Central Avenue, something I had never seen before. We detoured around & I ended up on 25th Street, only to get in a big traffic jam. There were helicopters circling the area, sirens sounding in several directions, two firetrucks went screaming by, and I was passed by several water rescue vehicles.

After not being able to move my car for several minutes, I was able to inch up enough to see that water was even lapping across 25th Street near the Hwy 31 intersection. And I caught a glimpse of a van sitting in the shopping center parking lot, with water up to the bottom of the windows! Then I realized that the Eastbrook Shopping Center was being flooded. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two huge dumpsters floating in the parking lot, far away from where they should be.

That is when I turned my left turn signal on, did a u-turn & headed back home. There was nothing I could do even if the water was in our duplexes. I needed to be one less car on our crowded streets.

Driving home, I could see White River lapping at the edges of Hwy 46 West. I later heard that it will probably be under water some time during the night. Looks like we may get to have our own Sunday Service at home!

After checking The Republics website, I just found out that our local hospital is being evacuated. And Karen is at work! Jonathan went to get her, can't get to her & he & his friend are now stranded away from his house...leaving Elaine home with all 5 kids! Karen may not be able to leave the hospital, even if she could get to her vehicle, as there are probably several nurses that haven't been able to make it there. They are not allowed to leave unless their floor is staffed! need to wait to be born after the waters recede!!!

We are sitting safely on top of Carr Hill with only a soggy yard. It's hard to believe all of the chaos that is going on just a few miles away
P.S. Since starting this post, Hwy 46 West has been closed. I was going to try my best to get in town & try to rescue Elaine from a couple of two year olds. Sorry, Elaine!!! I guess the high water got the best of us this time.
I've heard through Jeff that Karen has been released from duty at the hospital, has met up with Jonthan & Monty, & they will be camping out tonight in Jeff's apartment, just a few blocks away from the hospital.


Angie Davis said...

Eek! We've been watching the news and wondering if all of you were ok. Gene's brother's place is under water down there too.

Sheila said...

Karen is an exhausted mess...& can't get home to her kids! But we are all safe & that is what matters. She is at Jeff's if you want to call....373-9676 (I don't have your email or I would give you the # that way!)

Lady J said...

I can't believe this is happening. One of the things I am thinking about tonight is the Johnstown, PA flood all those years ago. I can't imagine what is happening in Columbus. I'm glad Karen is safe with Jonathan. Poor Elaine!

Sheila said...

Karen said it felt like they were in a war zone. National Guard was there carrying patients down the steps to be transported to other hosptials. The "red plugs" that would never fail....did! People on vents were in trouble! Karen was in tears...

Carol said...

I finally figured out the correct phone number. I didn't realize that you had given me the wrong area code and an "8" instead of a "9". I finally go Jeff's voice mail and left a message for a very exhausted Karen Lynn. Boy, is she ever gonna be full of tales!!!

Stay dry. I'll be sure and say an extra prayer for Elaine tonight!

By the way, I called our brother and gave him a heads-up on your flooding situation.

Stay in touch.

Karen Walden said...

I don't ever want to relive this day ever again! I will never be able to adequately explain what it was like at the hospital today. I can't stop thinking about the scene outside of ER. Those poor patients. Our disaster emergency teams worked very well together and kept our patients safety as a priority! Don't know when I will be able to go back to work. For now I just want to see and hug my three kids!
See ya when the flood waters go down Mom and Dad!!! Love ya!

Peggy B. said...

Oh my goodness. Jenny and Wesley had a tornado where they were in Illinois. She said it's bad. It looks like the church is flooded?

Karen Walden said...

Peggy...I don't think it got into the church. It was within 4 inches of the doors. We are very thankful it didn't get inside.

Sheila said...

Water got in the school basement & Fellowship Hall but didn't get into the church building. Almost though! Thank the good Lord we all are safe. But Gene Davis' brother lost his life in an accident sometime in the night.