Thursday, May 8, 2008

Queen Dorothy!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful "Queen Dorothy".

Dorothy came to me several years ago as a passalong plant from Mary Ann, my gardening friend. Dorothy was my first Iris!

For some reason I had never really fallen in love with the Iris'. It seemed they sprang up, bloomed quickly & then faded away. I plopped my Queen in the courtyard off of my patio & left her to herself, not giving her any special attention and actually wondering what in the world to do with her. (My apologies, Mary Ann!). But it wasn't long until Dorothy was surprising me with beautiful blooms that I loved. She bloomed for several weeks and then sat there like a lady through the summer. And once again, in late summer, she surprised me by blooming again. I had a double bloomer!

A few summers later we had an irrigation system installed & I had to dig up my Queen Dorothy. I put her in a bushel basket in my shade garden & sort of neglected her that summer. I was so excited when the next spring I saw new growth sprouting in my bushel basket that had sat through the winter, exposed to the harsh elements, thanks to me! As I separated the rhizomes I decided to share some with my sweet neighbor lady. And I still had several to replant in my own garden.

Queen Dorothy has been blooming this week, even during the heavy rains of today. I ventured out among the raindrops to get some snapshots of her beautiful blooms so I could share them with my blogger friends. And once again say "thank you" to Mary Ann for the Passalong Plant.

It probably won't be but another seaon or two until Dorothy will need to be divided again. I'm sure I'll spread her around through my gardens and will also share her with someone special, just so they to can find the joy of having a Queen Dorothy of their own!
View out my kitchen window

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Angie Davis said...

Your garden is beautiful! When you finish with Karen's, would you please head to Frankfort? :)