Saturday, May 10, 2008

My favorite Mommies!

This is to wish a Happy Mother's Day to some of the important Mommies in my life.

Our daughter, Karen & her 3
Parker-age 5
Peyton & Paige-twins-age 2

April, our daugher-in-law & her 3
Carter-almost 4

 baby sister!...& her 3
Kelcie-age 18 Jacob-age 12 Kylie-age 16

Bob, Kevin, Vickie & Mother
Mother's Day '07

In Loving Memory of our Mom who went to be with Jesus--May 23, 2003
The above Moms each hold a different & special place in my life & heart. I love them all!
Happy's Mother's Day!


Karen Walden said...

Awwwwh! Thanks! Love you too! Happy Mother's Day today! See ya in a few hours! :)

Carol said...

Thanks Big Sis! That's so sweet. Hope you have had a fantastic Mother's Day!