Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Nurses Day!

They fulfilled my dream!

As a small girl I dreamed of being a nurse some day. I played "nurse", read every "Sue Barton" book in our County Library, talked about wanting to become a nurse, and at one point thought my calling was to be a "missionary nurse"..(thanks to a romantic idea put into my head by some visiting Missionary!). In high school, one of my best friends sister was attending nurses training at Research Hospital & I visited her, dreaming that I would some day also be studying there.

But it wasn't to be. I got married when I was eighteen. It was during the Vietnam War & it seemed that everyone got married at a young age then. There was no way I wanted Bob to be drafted, so we married & he went to college, getting all the deferment he could. And my dream faded away.

Years later my little sister had that same dream. She grew up in a different age & was more prepared to attend college. She graduated in 1986 (I think!) & was our first RN!!! We were so excited that she made that her career. Carol has always worked either in the neo-natal ward, sometimes with very sick infants, in labor and delivery, and is now a certified "Lactation Consultant"! We are so proud of her.

Maybe I passed my dream on to my little girl. As she grew up, Karen too wanted to be a nurse. I can remember the many late nights she spent studying, how she struggled with anxiety when it came to testing time, the hilarious stories she came home and told while she was doing her clinical training, and how she cared for the patients she treated. On Mother's Day, 1998, I probably received the best gift ever....Karen graduated from IUPUI with a Bachelor's degree in nursing and received her Pin that day. My dream was fulfilled through Karen!

Karen went to work right away at Columbus Regional, at first on the Rehab floor, and then on the Women's Unit. She worked there several years and then was able to go to Labor & Delivery. She loves her job, especially the aspect of seeing newborns enter this world and being able to send Mommies home right away, rarely having to deal with anyone seriously ill. It is the "happy floor" to work on!

We also have another nurse in our family, Rebekah. She worked for several years at our local hospital on the Pediatric floor and found out that she had the gift of working with small children. Later she was able to go to work at Northside Pediatrics, still being a nurse to small children, yet being able to be at home with her own two as much as possible. We are proud of her too!

So, ladies, have a wonderful Nurses Day! Hope it is one that lets someone else do the "dirty work" of being a nurse.


Karen Walden said...

You're good! I forgot today was Nurse's day! Thanks for the post!

Michelle said...

Happy Nurses Day!

I always thought I'd be a nurse like mom. We have several nurses and 2 doctors in our family and I thought that was the thing to do. Until one day my great-grandma (bless her heart) was constipated and my mom helped my grandma "declog" her. That was it for me. I wanted nothing to do with it after that. I read too many Cherry Ames books where everything was rosy and fun!

Karen Walden said...

That's hilarious Michelle!

Carol said...

Thanks for remembering, Sis! I just got home from a Maternal Child Health Coalition luncheon at the Hyatt and hadn't even thought that it was Nurses' Day.
You are correct, I did graduate in 1996, but I really never worked labor and delivery. I was always the NICU RN in attendance at deliveries. Thankfully, I wasn't on the "mommy" end.
I do work with the mommies now, but it's on a much less "offensive" end of the spectrum for me. :)
You should go to Nursing School, Sheila Lynn!!!

Karen Walden said...

1986 Carol! And I get to be on the lovely "Mommy end" now! Give me an adult anyday, I don't like to attend deliveries as the nursery nurse! Get me through the apgars and I am fine!

Sheila said...

Sorry ladies...I think I'll just be Grandma. I'm very content!

After you both (Carol & Karen) began your clinicals, I found out how hard being an RN really is. It certainly isn't as romantic as the teenage novels make it seem!

I'll just help take care of puking grandkids!

Karen...remember when your Dad got hurt & was in bed for several weeks? I thanked the good Lord right then that I let you girls fulfill my dream! I wasn't a very sympathic care giver...

Peggy B. said...

I loved the Sue Barton books. I read them and read them when I was a teenager. I'd love to get ahold of them again, and read, read, read.

Sheila said...

Well, Peggy, you are in luck! I have all of them except the last one. I bought them off of eBay! My Mom about had a heart attack when she found out I paid waaaaay to much money for one of them.

I would be happy to loan them to you if you want. Just let me know.

Angie Davis said...

Happy Nurses Day! I'm off to kiss my favorite RN.

Nathan and Tricia said...

Thank you so much!