Sunday, May 18, 2008

Carter's Concerns

Jeff & April are building a new home!

This was moving weekend for Jeff & April. They decided this winter that they were ready for a home with more room so put their house on the market. It sold surprisingly fast...before the first clod of dirt was dug on their new lot...and they are now in an apartment for a few months.

I loved their little home. It wasn't that little, about 1,400 square feet, but they quickly outgrew it. It was on a corner lot in the back of the addition, was close to a park and was just a good place for little children to be. But the boys had to share a room & they quickly ran out of closet space! Kerrigan's room wasn't as large as her brothers but was perfect for her.

With Daddy coming home driving a big U-Haul truck, Carter wasn't sure what was going on. He had spent most of the day with Aunt Karen on Friday so missed some of the process of his things being packed away. He loved the big truck but wasn't real crazy with the idea of all of his things being put on it.

Kerrigan is 8 years old and understands that this temporary move to an apartment means she will soon be getting a new home and much bigger room. Brycen is 2 years old and doesn't care where his bed is, just so Mommy & Daddy are close by. But Carter will soon be 4 years old and the move is disturbing him. He hasn't quite grasped the concept that bigger & better things are coming his way in the months ahead.

The basement walls have been poured, along with the basement floor and construction will soon begin. Maybe Carter will understand a little better when he can see the walls & rooms forming for his new place to play. Hopefully the construction part will go quickly and summer weather will help pass the time for the little Thompson's!

And then Carter will get to see a big truck back up to their apartment and start loading their things all over again! I'm whispering a few extra little prayers that Carter's concerns will fade away and he will be happy in his temporary home and will understand that someday soon he will get back all of those things that have been put away in storage. Some things we adults take for granted can be very disturbing to our little ones!

The new lot before construction began...

Breakaway Trails


Karen Walden said...

He will adjust just fine! They'll have to bring him over and show him the progress on their "new" house!
He will love his new house and it will be so convenient to visit his Walden cousins!!!

Sheila said...

I'm sure he will do just fine.

I remember when we moved to Kansas that Carol, being 2 years old, began biting her fingernails. A little hot stuff on the tips of her fingers fixed that--thanks to Mom! :)

Just wait until they are a little older & can ride their bikes back & forth to see each other. You will have a yard full of kids all fo the time!

Karen Walden said...

At least they will be friendly... :)

Sheila said...

More neighbor problems???

Karen Walden said...

Same ole thing! Snotty boys next door... :(