Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birthday candles for Garry!

Another year & I almost forgot Garry's birthday again!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother-in-law! Garry is the all around great guy, easy going, happy to help out kind of brother-in-law everyone should have. He has been in our family for--good grief, is it 21 years already?

Garry grew up in the hills of Tennessee, just north of Knoxville. He has a twin brother, plus 2 other brothers and 3 sisters. We love to kid him about his "southern" accent...and a few favorite sayings that he has.
Garry & his Mom, Jean

From what I heard, you stirred up quite a commotion at Texas Roadhouse & even made them let you ride the saddle!

Hope you had a wonderful day ! Yee doggies!!!
Garry & Carol (modeling the latest fashion in reading glasses!)


Karen Walden said...

Hope you had a great birthday Garry! We were thinking of you yesterday!
Way to party at the Roadhouse, huh?! :)

Carol said...

Thanks for the post! Garry read your blog this morning and you made his day!! He was surprised you actually chose some good pictures of him. I'm sure you had plenty of embarrassing ones you could have chosen.
We really are lucky to have him, aren't we, Sis??
...and yes, it's been OVER 21 years that he's officially been in the family.

Sheila said...

Yes...he's a keeper! Glad you latched on to him!

I don't have very many pics of Mr.! He lucked out this time...

I love you in the glasses! :)