Saturday, May 17, 2008

and a few more birthday candles...

Good grief! Are all of our family birthdays in the spring? Maybe it is just that we have a HUGE family!

Anyway...a very happy birthday to our nephew, Jason and Bob's youngest brother, Kevin.

Jason Bland...our nephew

Are you celebrating a landmark this year? I've lost track!!!

Jason is a plant manager for a business in Franklin (I never remember the name of the place!) and keeps very busy with his career. I understand he is a huge help to his mother in her gardening projects. I may have to hire him! And he is the proud owner of 2 (or is it 3?) dogs that demand quite a bit of his attention!

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

And a whole bunch of candles for Kevin's cake!!! :)

Kevin Leroy at 6 months
and with big brother Bob

Kevin is a successful building contractor here in our home town and loves his work. He especially likes doing anything pertaining to heavy equipment! (I remember when he was little, he wanted to be a "trash man" so he could ride on the back of the trash truck.) I bet he is glad he chose a different career!

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

Kevin & his family...
Amelia Ann, Rebekah & Kevin Meredith


Sheila said...

ooops...I posted this a couple of days early! Happy birthday anyway, guys! Seems like we always celebrated Jenny, Jason & Kevin's birthdays on Mothers Day. I don't remember them ever having their own special party!

Sherry Gates said...

Happy Birthday Guys! p.s. did Bob used to be an Elvis impersonater?

Sheila said...


Nooooo...he just says that about every guy in the '70s wanted to look like Elvis (probably including him!) Did you notice the lovely outfit he had on? Wish I'd kept that one for old times sake.

Katressa said...

Im LOVING Bob's hair!!!!

Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday Kevin and Jason! Hope you get to eat out at your favorite restaurant! Enjoy your day!
Love you both!
Jonathan, Karen, Parker, Peyton and Paige