Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

Well..It looks like I got caught. Thanks a lot, Peggy! :)

Here it goes....( I live a boring life!)

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was a 49 year old, had been married for 30 years, had a married daughter, a son still living at home, & no grandchildren! Wow! That seems like ages ago...I can't remember anything earth shattering happening.

Things to do today:

The day is almost over so I'll tell you what I did--

Got up in time to get a roast dinner going before leaving for church
Went to Sunday School & Church Service
Had our son, daughter & their families for Sunday dinner
Helped clean up the kitchen
Rested with Paige napping on my lap
Went back for Evening Church Service
Came home & talked on the phone!
Finishing cleaning my kitchen
Now reading blogs before heading for bed

Snacks I enjoy:

I love chocolate! Any kind of milk chocolate, preferably with nuts
Trail mix
Not much of a chip eater

If I were a billionaire I would:

Give genereously to my church &, Bible Schools & Missions
Invest for my grandchildrens future
Buy my kids the house of their dreams
Redo my kitchen!
Buy a condo in sunny California (for my get away place)
Give genereously to my brother & sister so we can all retire to the Ozarks!
Take my kids, grandkids, brother, sister & gang to Hawaii for a fabulous vacation!!!
(I wouldn't be a billionaire for long...)

Bad habits I have:

Not eating healthy...
Starting too many projects at once & not finishing them
Give advise out too freely to my family :(
Staying up too late at night
Take on more obligations than I can handle

Some places I have lived:

Hallsville, home town
dorm at KCCBS-Overland Park, Kansas for 3 years
home at Overland Park when my parents moved there--1 year
4-plex apartment with Bob when we were newlyweds--10 months
new 2 bedroom house in Overland Park--about 5 years
Edinburgh, Indiana--5 years
Columbus, Indiana--been in same house since 1979

Jobs I have had:

During dorm years I did babysitting--for .50cents an hour!--ironing & house cleaning for $1.25 an hour--worked about half of my tuition by scraping dishes in the school kitchen (Yuck!)

Worked in Collections for J C Penney & Montgomery Ward

Worked (& got paid!) for Bob in our construction business painting, staining, varnishing, & doing final cleaning on the houses.

Have done our office work/bill paying for our business for years. Also do the business end of Bob's treasurer job for our church (thanks a lot Bob!)

And am now the babysitter/care provider part time for our grandchildren. Not time for much else these days.

5 People I want to Know more about...

I think about everyone has been tagged

Sherry...& I'll see who else.


Sherry Gates said...

Ok, you will not believe this but you will have to tell me how to get this on my blog!

Angie Davis said...

Somehow I can't picture you in Collections!

Karen Walden said... should hear her tell those sales people off on the phone! :)

Sherry... You will just need to make a "new post" and type it all out, unless you highlight Mom's text, hit control key and "c" then go to your new post and hit control key and "v" and it will put Mom's stuff on your post. Then you will just have to make changes!

Sheila said...

Hey! I heard that!!!

Well, Angie...I learned to be a collector! I started out doing bankruptcy, bad checks, skip outs, etc. Then I ended up being an actual telephone collector! Talk about an ulcer-causing job!!!

And yes, I do get a bit "snippy" (ha!) when I get unsolicited calls. Don't they know I'm on everyboy's "no call" list???