Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mom's Birthday...

Today would have been our Mother's 83rd birthday.
She has been gone for almost 5 years now, which seems almost impossible at times. I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone just to tell her something special that has happened. Not a day goes by that she isn't with me in my thoughts at some point, and most days her name comes up in our conversations.

Family was what mattered to her most, other than her love for her Saviour. She loved her husband & children & grandchildren deeply, along with her immediate family. Some of her happiest days were when we were all home for a holiday celebration & she was busy in the kitchen, fixing our favorite dishes. She was a wonderful cook, excellent home maker,& gracious hostess. If she knew there was something you especially enjoyed, she would be sure & have it to serve to you in her home.
Mom also loved her church & the church family. She made special friends with a couple of ladies in the church that were not very out going & needed a friend. She was always there to help others, in her own quiet way.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom! We miss you so much, but then I think that you are no longer suffering and would never ask you to come back. You will be in our hearts forever...

"Forever Springtime"
by The Bishops

Springtime was her favorite time of year
She loved to see the pretty flowers bloom
And every day she whispered "thank you, Lord"
Cause she could see them from the window in her room
Now and again, her children come to see her
But not as often as she would have liked
Her smile was like a golden ray of sunshine
She was living in the winter of her life.
The doctor said the end was drawing nearer
Her children came to sit close by her side
They whispered "Mama, is there anything
that we can do for you?"
She held their hand and this was her reply

Don't cry for me, I'm going home to see my Savior
There's a garden He's been tending just for me
Why I can almost smell the sweet perfume of roses on the vine
Dry you eyes, don't you cry
I'm just going where it is forever springtime
Promise me that one day you'll come to see me
I'll be waiting by the crystal sea
Where the tree of life is blooming, that's where you will find me
And we'll praise our Lord throughout eternity


Karen Walden said...

Awwwwh! I miss Grandma too and think of her often! I know she would have gotten a kick out of my kids! Happy Birthday Grandma! I bet your birthday song today is much prettier than when we sang to you down here! Can't wait to see you again!!!
Love, Karen Lynn

greatkidzmom said...

What a sweet post! Thanks Sis!
Mom was incredible and is missed more than she could ever imagine!
She was my "partner in crime", my shopping buddy, role model and all around BEST friend!
Mom was an incredibly gracious fighter!
The kids and I went flower shopping and I let them choose what they thought Grandma would love. We'll go to the cemetery later...after I get off work. (looks like that will be MUCH later in the day).
Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!
Thanks again, Sis!!

Sheila said...

Thanks for taking care of the flowers, Carol. Seems like it always ends up being your job!

We had a lot of fun with Mom, didn't we!

Take pics of the flowers & I'll add them to my post.


Lady J said...

It is a small world. We have to talk about Carol being a "Wheeler". I bet I know her family from my days in Knoxville. We'll compare notes sometime. I love your tribute to your Mom. My poor Mom's grave has no flowers at the moment. I have got to get that done! I planned to today but it is waaaayyyyy toooooo cold!