Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Rocking Chair...

I suppose you could say that my little chair is an antique! That is hard to admit since I don't ever remember NOT having my little rocker somewhere in my possession.

It probably was a birthday gift. I only remember that Mom told me they gave it to me when I was either one or two years old. Years ago it had a child's decal on it and had a music box that would play "Rock a By Baby" when I rocked. Later it was painted white, cream, gray, & who knows what other color, to match my bedroom decor. Not too many years ago I worked up the courage to try my hand at furniture refinishing & stripped away the many coats of paint.

My Dad worked the "swing" shift at a natural gas booster station. That meant for 2 weeks he might be on day shift, then would swing to afternoons or midnights. And that meant that he had to sleep in the daytime. Our house was small and his bedroom was just off of the living room area...& he could hardly sleep for hearing Rock a Bye Baby playing away while I rocked! Somehow the music box disappear from the rocker runner--to bring silence so my Daddy could sleep!

Down through the years several children have rocked away in my little chair. But recently I've had to put it out of harms way as one of the rocker arms was broken. Thankfully, Bob repaired it & I put it in a safe place, away from little ones that might want to "Rock a Bye Baby"!

It isn't worth anything....just holds lots of memories, and another one of those things that I can't give away.

Paige Danielle &her Grandma's chair

After making this post, I got an email from my sister saying she also used the little rocker.

And now we have another memory of the Little Rocking Chair! Carol, my much younger sister, sent me a picture of herself in the rocking chair "way" back in the late '60's! Notice all of her Christmas gifts & the lovely handcrafted Christmas tree(sitting on the dresser) that she claims I made! (Blush...) It looks like at that time the little chair was painted white. Thanks Carol Jean, for adding to our memories!

Another little chair memory...
Not wanting to leave our brother out of the story, here is a picture of Big Sister Sheila rocking Little Brother Steven Neal...waaaayyy back in the 1950's!


Karen Walden said...

I remember playing with that chair when I was little too! I think it got broken when Jeff and I were little and my kids probably just "rebroke" it! I didn't know that it had a music box and that Gpa Brown "fixed it!" That's funny! (Kind of like when Dad "fixed" your mantel clock from making chimes!!!) :)

Sheila said...

Yes, Dad would always remind me that I drove him crazy with that little music box. I thought I had a picture of you sitting in it, but it must be on slides! Sorry...

It has been broken several times. Don't worry about it! ;) At least it could be fixed. You need to take Paige's picture in your little chair...that you got on your first birthday!

greatkidzmom said...

Yes, we do have a lot of memories with that little rocking chair. Notice the difference in our pictures...yours, black and white (or should we say "antique") and mine in color! :)
The music box was still on the chair when I had it, but it was non-functional, probably because of Dad.
I also have grand memories of helping you roll all those balls in glue and glitter. Parts of that lovely tree were on my dresser at Christmas time for several years to come. Yes, it was a lovely tree.
If you enlarge the pic, you'll see the beginnings of a nursing career. Mom and Dad just thought they were being subtle with the nursing kit, the puzzle and the actual white nursing/doctor kit that I carried everywhere!
Thanks for posting some memories Sis.

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