Friday, April 18, 2008

I Felt the Earth Move...under my bed!


I woke up with a start. It felt like someone was shaking my bed. Half asleep, I heard a howling, like a strong wind, and thought "how in the world is that wind making my bed move inside this house"??? Bob woke up hearing our doors rattling, like a strong wind was coming through.

And then it quit.

Bob & I both jumped out of bed about the same time...5:39 to be exact--wondering what in the world had just happened. Not wanting to get too wide awake at what is way before our getting up time (blush!), we headed back to bed for a few more minutes of sleep.

My head hit the pillow but I was too wide awake to go back to sleep quickly. My first thoughts were...that had to be an earthquake! And it was. A 5.4 magnitude one that was centered just north of Evansville, Indiana, which it about a 3 hour drive from here. So far, no word of any extreme damages...just my nerves were put on edge.

And here I thought I was safe & sound smack dab in the middle of Heartland USA. You never know when you are going to shake, rattle & roll around here!!!

Did you feel it?

YIKES...I felt another one!

It is now 11:16 a.m.---& I just felt the earth shake again!!! As I'm sitting at my computer desk, peacefully reading blogs, I felt the room start to shake & tremble & heard a noise like a huge semi truck passing by on the highway (We live next to I-65!) The noise kept up for a few seconds while my computer screen literally shook on my desk. Very unsettling...

All is quiet again--but I'm thinking about going on a little vacation to see my brother in sunny California where the ground is a bit more stable. Want to join me?


Angie Davis said...

That was my first earthquake and I can't say I enjoyed it. I laid there until the alarm went off wondering if it cracked the brick foundation on our house. :(

Sheila said...

Hopefully no cracks in Frankfort!

I've felt a couple of other earthquakes while living here in Indiana. One in about 1990...we were in Burger King & I was leaning against the handrailing & actually felt it move. I thought a truck crossing the bridge outside was making the building vibrate!

We used to live in Kansas & I also remember feeling one there. That crazy fault line in Missouri is to blame!

Did you feel the tremor at 11:16? I just saw where it was over 4.something magnitude.

Michelle said...

I felt both of them! According to our meteorologist the latest one was a 4.2. I was just getting ready to leave to get Ashlee from school when my desk started rattling. It is such a weird feeling!

Sheila said...

I usually check out The Tribune website in Columbia, Mo. as that is my hometown area. They have reports of people even feeling it there. That seemed like a pretty good sized after shock to me!

Katressa said...

im glad someone else felt the second one no one felt the second one but me and a co-worker & everyone on the 2nd floor thought we we nuts!

greatkidzmom said...

That is SO crazy! I can't say I felt the earthquake, but our local FOX weather man felt it and said the studio's water cooler started shaking and jostled the water. SO glad you Hoosiers are safe!!!!
Gotta run to work.
Little Sis