Monday, April 14, 2008

Daffodil Winter at Streamcliff Farm!

Saturday my gardening friend & I journeyed to one of our favorite places--Streamcliff Farm--in southern Indiana. We had signed up for a "Spring Flower Conference/Flower Pot Work Shop". We about froze!

As soon as we got there we headed for the gift shops, mainly to keep warm! The little lady working there said that we were having "daffodil winter". First time I had ever heard that gardening tale! She also said that we have 4 "winters" before warm weather comes. Daffodil, redbud, dogwood, & blackberry winters. My Mom had always talked of blackberry winter...but the other 3 were new to me.

We started out with lunch provided by Twigs & Sprigs Tearoom & it was delicious! Have you ever had "Birdseed Pasta"? One of their specialties & I always try to get it.

Betty Manning charmed us with a slide show of her gardens...making us want to buy every plant in her greenhouse! And her son Gregg shared his love for Hostas (he has over 200 specimens in his gardens!) plus answered all kinds of questions from a room full of flower loving old hens. Later, Betty showed us how easy it is to put together a fresh bouquet...well, at least she made it look easy! And then it was time to do our flower pots. But it was so windy & cold we all decided to load them up, take them home with us & do them in warmer conditions.

Betty Manning, reading a story of "garden fairies"

Mary Ann & I tromped through the plant section but I just couldn't get in the mood to buy too much with the wind whipping through the greenhouses. I do have 3 beautiful bleeding heart plants & 3 rose campion's that will be patiently waiting for warmer weather.

I found out that through the years of gardening on my own, gleaning information from my friends & loved ones, I'm not quite as dumb as I thought I was! I did learn a lot from listening to Betty & Greg & was so glad we weathered the cold temperatures for a delightful day!

And I did learn about daffodil winter. Thanks MaryAnn for inviting me! We'll be back for another load when the weather warms...


Karen Walden said...

It was freezing on Saturday! That doesn't sound like much fun to me... Sorry I didn't get your green thumb!
Glad you have some friends that share your love for gardening! :0)

greatkidzmom said...

I'm with Karen. Doesn't sound like much fun in the cold. I've been doing enough of that sitting on the freezing bleachers at Kylie's softball games. Maybe you and I can plan a sister trip to StreamCliff Farm when the weather is a little warmer!

Little Sis

Sheila said...

Does that mean you are coming to see me this Spring??? Hope so! We might even do something other than gardening related. Maybe--:)

Sitting on the bleachers doesn't sound like much fun to me! Cold or not....But I may have to do a little of that since Parker is in a League this season.

By the way--we weren't outside for the seminar on Saturday. It just seemed like it with the wind sounding like a freight train was about to come through the building!