Sunday, March 30, 2008

You know you are in trouble when...

It happened so quickly.

Sunday School preliminaries were beginning & Daddy Jonathan had to lead the singing. Mommy Karen was busy preparing for Junior Church service. And Grandma Sheila was the only adult on the row with 3 little ones!

The two boys were at the other end of our row and Paige was on my lap. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, being able to control all three without any help. Then out of the corner of my eye I got a glimpse of a little activity! All at once, Peyton & Parker were waiving their fists at each other & fighting over a snack baggie of cereal that was intended for the twins! I actually thought Parker was going to deck Peyton...who was fighting right back.

Up I shot, grabbed the snack sack, hauled Parker by the arm down to my end of the row, slammed him down, went back & got hold of Peyton, and then sat down & tried to act like nothing had happened. I suddenly realized that Daddy Jonathan had witnessed this commotion while directing the song service. I'm sure my face turned a deep shade of red! But what I did not realize was, that while directing the songs, Daddy pointed a finger at Parker--who quickly got the message that Daddy was not pleased.

Thankfully it was prayer time. And we all needed it! Especially the boys... I was quickly gathering our things so we could make an early escape to our Sunday School classes, when Daddy appeared!

I'm not sure just what happened, but Paige & I scurried up the stairs, hoping that Daddy would show a little mercy. Parker knew he was in trouble when he saw Daddy's finger pointed his way. And I think Peyton soon found out that he had been caught. You never know who's watching--and hopefully the boys learned a lesson....before they went to their Sunday School classes!


Karen Walden said...

I was certainly surprised to hear Jonathan come dragging the boys out in the vestibule saying "You two are in big trouble..." He had a little "meeting" with with both boys, left them in the room with me, went back up front and led everyone in our "theme song" before going to class!
I often wonder, why do we even bother to go to church on Sunday mornings??? :)

Sherry Gates said...

I know that wasn't necessarily supposed to be funny but....anyway, I sure know those days~still do at times!

Denise said...

Well, I think (hope) it is OK to giggle when it's not you or your children. :)

And this, too, shall pass. And shall someday bring everyone a good laugh, right?

Lady J said...

Well, I will pay more attention now when Jonathan leads the "choir"-I don't want to see that finger pointed my way! lol! I am proud of Jonathan taking care the problem quickly while the incident was "fresh" on their minds. Can I say I am sorry I missed it? lol