Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brycen!

Yes, we are celebrating another birthday in the Thompson family this week!

Brycen Robert is two years old...the baby( by just over two months)of the family. He is a little doll baby & we love him very much.

Byrcen's mommy didn't think she was really in labor the night that he was born, but thought she would go to the hospital-just in case. Baby Brycen was born less than 3 hours after they arrived, in the middle of the night, with no cameras in sight! So...we have no freshly newborn pictures of him. But Grandma made up for it the next day!

He has been our "good" baby. One that would rather lay in his crib than be rocked to sleep, sleeps late, & sits quietly & plays with his toys. But in the last few months he has become very inquisitive & loves to touch things & explore! (That is how the birthday cake ended up on the floor. :)

So this Easter Sunday we will be celebrating Brycen's 2nd birthday with an Easter theme. From what we have read...none of us will be around by the time his birthday falls on Easter again!

Happy Birthday, Bryce--eeee! We love you very much!!!

Grandma & Grandpa


Karen Walden said...

Happy Birtday Brycen! We love you too! Can't wait to celebrate your Easter Birthday with you today! Love,
Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Karen,
Parker, Peyton and Paige

Anonymous said...

WOW we forgot what a little runt he was! I love the picture of Jeff holding him....they really don't stay little for long. Thanks for posting this! We can't believe he is two already....our baby is growing fast!

April & Jeff

Denise said...

You have some awfully cute grandchildren, Sheila! :)