Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not feelin' up to bloggin'....

Well, I'm with some of you fellow bloggers---I'm about over this winter weather, flu bugs, cold weather & depressing gray skies. I couldn't believe how long the month of January was! Maybe something to do with not feeling well & staying at home for most of the month.

For all of you ladies who know what I mean about "sick hubbies"....Bob is much, much better! Thanks goodness! For some reason, when he is sick, the worst of both of our personalities comes out. I think he has been spoiled as a child & I'm riding the "liberated" fence. For years, the men in my mother-in-laws life were catered to & cared for with her loving care. I would love to honor her by following in her footsteps...but believe me--there is a limit! :)

So..for now, I'm taking my Advil, cough medicine, nose drops, & a box of kleenex & heading for bed! There has to be an end to this close by.

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Karen Walden said...

Sorry you are still feeling yucky! You didn't sound too good today! Is that a picture of you talking to me on the phone?? :) Hope you didn't catch Parker's flu bug!