Friday, February 15, 2008

My Funny Little Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Funnny Little Valentines!

Well....this post almost didn't happen. But thanks to Karen, she retrieved the work that I thought I deleted. It is just a day late in wishing my grandchildren a Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you, Karen, for helping me out. This ole granny hasn't figured out all of the ins & outs of blogging.... Here are our precious grandchildren....

To our sweet little Kerrigan Deanna...

She is eight years old, in the second grade & bringing home very good grades; she takes gymnastics, is in an advanced class...& can bend her body like a pretzel!; she enjoys doing some scrapbooking; she loves her "Litttle Pet Shop" things; she recently started taking violin lessons. Kerrigan is growing up so quickly & brings lots of sunshine to all of our lives! We love you bunches!!!

Parker David is 5...& a half. He attends Preschool, loves it & does great. He has a bubbling personality, never meets a stranger....& talks almost as much as his Mommy did when she was a little girl! :) He absolutely LOVES sports (thanks, Jonathan...) and can hardly wait until he gets to play on a Little League next summer. Parker loves to come to Grandma's for Sunday dinner...& is a delight to cook for. He almost always pays the cook a complement. (Already, he is smoozing the women!) And we love you barrels & heaps!!!

Carter Jeffry....the absolute spitting image of his Daddy! Carter is 3. He also goes to Preschool this year. He loves music and amazes me when he sings along with his videos. Carter has always been a "jumper"...very active little boy & keeps Granny on her toes! He also has a sweet personality & is our Little Mr. Sunshine! We love you a bushel & a peck!!!

Peyton Duane! (I love that he has my Dad's middle name..) the daredevil of the bunch! Peyton has no fear! He climbs, jumbs, bounces, runs & falls all over the house. He usually sports numerous bruises on his legs. One of his favorite phrases is "OUCH!...dat hurts!" He has talked early, surprised us several times with his counting, & keeps us laughing...& watching out where he is. Peyton is now 2...but not too terrible! We love you "as tall as the sky"!!!

Paige Danielle...the little lady of the bunch! She loves her baby dolls, loves to pretend to cook and play "tea time", and loves to be held! She would sit on my lap all day & watch the boys play if I would just stay there & hold her. She loves "Barney" & her "chocky-milk". All she has to do to Grandma to get her way, is just look with those big blue eyes & say "pweeeese"!...and Grandma melts! We love you...with lots of sugar & spice! Of course she is also 2, like her twin. And even though she & Peyton like to play differently, they still watch for each other & want to be close by...even though they may end up duking it out!

And our youngest is Brycen Robert! Not a baby for much longer, as he will be having his second birthday on Easter Sunday. Somehow we still treat Brycen as he is a baby...maybe we just aren't quite ready to give that up. But he is turning into a big boy too. He loves Thomas the Train, anything "Cars", & fire trucks. He is our "touchy" one. By touching, picking up, or examining my things, he is exploring his new world. Brycen has always been the baby you could just lay in his crib & he would take his nap. I've missed not rocking him at naptime, but slowly we are finding ways to snuggle! Brycen is a sweetie. We love you, Little One!!!

Here is hoping that all of you ladies got a lot of chocolate, were taken out to dinner & treated very special on this Valentine's Day. My "sweetheart" gave me a card with $42. in it....Mr. Sentinmental gave me a dollar for each Valentine's Day we have been together. :) We did have a delicious dinner at Johnny Carino's. Speaking of that.....there are lefovers in my frig that are calling my name. Love to all!!!


Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! I miss all of those little cuties! I can't believe how quickly they are growing up. I think my girls were just Kerrigan's age, weren't they? Give 'em all hugs and kiss from their old great auntie.


Karen Walden said...

Great tribute to your grandkids Mom! They are all so different and yet each one is so special too! Thanks for being a wonderful Grandma and taking such good care of them while their Mommies and Daddies are at work!
They love you bunches too!!!