Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kitty Brown

I just saw Angie's post with the "cat" cartoon...& it got my mind to wandering.

I always loved cats. My Grandma Fulkerson had a beautiful snow white stray cat that became her pet. That cat would just happen to have a litter of kittens every so often & I would beg to take a kitten to our house.

Finally, my parents gave in. I'm not sure if the cat was "owned" by me & my brother Steve jointly or not. We usually had to share our pets...& we would have quit the fuss over who's turn it was to hold the cat or dog.

Anyway...we had hardwood floors in our home & Mom would ritually run the dustmop every day or two. And what a good housekeeper she was! She always ran the dustmop under the beds--no dust bunnies in her home! This time she thought she saw a stray sock under Steve's bed so reached with her dustmop to drag the sock within reach. But, wasn't a sock...but a deposit made by Kitty Brown! Mom was NOT happy that her Fuller Brush dustmop was now soiled with kitty doo!

Very soon after that our kitty had to take a ride out in the country....and that was the end of Kitty Brown for us! (That seems cruel now, but we didn't think a thing about dropping an animal off back in those days.)

Since then, we have remainded mostly cat-less! For a short time after we moved to Indiana, Bob & I did own a couple of cats that were given to us by his Aunt Wanda. Unfortunately we lived right along Hwy 31. Socks & Frosty didn't last very long as they liked to wander the highway. Bob just happened to be away when Frosty had to be scraped from the highway by Vickie...because I was "great with child" (expecting Karen) and couldn't stand the thought of doing that dreadful job.

And I found out the hard way that my granddaughter, Kerrigan, is highly allergic to cats...& greeenhouses! My sister just happened to be visiting one spring time and we decided to make a run to the local garden nurseries. Kerrigan was spending the day with me so had to tag along. At "Crackaway Farms" there was a resident cat curled up in their shop and Kerrigan wanted to stay & pet him while Carol & I shopped for garden perennials. After that we headed on to "Franks Nursery" & a few other little shops. By the time I got her home, Kerrigan's eyes were red & swollen, her nose was running & she was quite the little mess! All at once I realized that I had just exposed her to some of the things she was most allergic too....cats & plants! I felt like a terrible grandma at that point.

Now I can't imagine having a cat in the house. My neighbor has adopted a stray that hangs around here and I like him...merely for the fact that he brings her offerings of chipmunks, moles & snakes! At least he keeps them out of my yard!

So here is to the memory of Kitty cat my Mom was very happy to see leave our house!


Karen Walden said...

Good for Grandma Brown! I never have cared for cats myself! You forgot to mention Vickie's love for and collection of cats!!!

Sheila said...

I didn't forget...just wasn't sure everyone would believe that she has...what...9 or 10 cats in her house? Talk about loving cats!!!

Anonymous said...

How many times do you think we heard the story about Kitty Brown and the "sock" under the bed??? :)
Mom was definitely NOT a cat lover!
I'll never forget the look on your face when you saw poor little Kerrigan's immediate reaction to the cat! Poor little girl! That was a lesson quickly learned! We do have a way of making memories, don't we, Sis? Keep on bloggin'. I love reading what you have to say.

Little Sis

Sheila said...

Yes, Mom loved to tell about Kitty Brown's short stay with us. And I'll never forget that Kerrigan has a cat allery! I almost emailed you for the picture of your kittens nestled on my "bosom"!!! They sure thought they had a soft bed, didn't they?!?

You need to come out for a visit so we can do some more memory making!


~Heather~ said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. It is only my girls and my husband hoping for twins...for I cannot imagine coming back to Colombia to live with twins...without my Moma, sister, and other family close by to help me. =D But...I'm quite sure that I only have one baby.

Have a great weekend! =)