Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When the red, red robin, comes bob, bob bobbin' along...

This past Saturday I made a quick trip to our local mall. While walking across the parking lot I noticed a large tree near the building that appeared to be budding out with large red blooms. And in this tree were several birds. At first glance I thought that I was seeing robins! But this is January & it it too soon for the robins to return to Indiana-I think! I hopped in my car & drove up for a closer look, & sure enough, the tree was full of big fat robins! I wanted to yell out to them.."go back south--you are way too early!"
I remember my Mom saying that when you see the first robin in your yard, spring is just around the corner. Well...I think this time it is waaaaaay around the corner.
Anyway, maybe Spring will come early and the robins are a sign of it's return. Easter is early this year too and I would love to see the first flowers of the season popping their heads out of the ground by then! I've also recently notice several flocks of Canada geese cruising our airways, along with flocks of other birds. Maybe, just maybe, we will have better weather soon!
We had a strong rainstorm move through here tonight. The wind was blowing so hard I actually thought it might break my office window! Finally the storm died down some, & then our local tornado warning sirens went off. Another sign of spring-like weather? We aren't getting too excited though as frigid temperatures are ahead.
Robins, you had better find a nice warm place or make a quick trip to Kentucky or Tennessee!


Michelle said...

I can't wait until spring. It is just way too cold these days.

Karen Walden said...

Do you think the groundhog will see his shadow this weekend???
Come on warm weather!!!!!!!!!