Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Saturday was our granddaughter, Kerrigan's, 8th birthday & she celebrated with a roller skating party. What fun! The younger kids loved it but the Mommys & Daddys found out it wasn't as easy as it used to be. And the Grandmas & Grandpas didn't even attempt it!

Kerrigan & Macy

Karen used to be our star roller skater. We have a long driveway, with a circle section in the front, so she had lots of room to roll! And her favorite thing to do was to skate to a routine she had worked out on her "Cabbage Patch Kids" cassette.

Parker & Karen--

holding each other up?

I remember having the clamp on style skates...way back in the '60's! We had a full sized unfinished basement which became my roller rink. I would spend hours whirling around our basement, thinking I was an expert skater! I would go as fast as I could, grab onto the support poles & circle around it as fast as I could. It is a wonder I didn't break my neck!

When I was in the eighth grade our class had a party at the roller skating rink in Columbia. At that time our church frowned on roller rinks for some reason--They must not have approved of the music or thought me might be "dancing on skates"! Amazingly my parents gave me their blessing to go to the party & I remember having a wonderful time. It was so exiting to skate on an actual rink, skate to music, & skate to the blinking lights. I also remember finding out that I was not the expert skater that I thought I was! I was probably the only one there skating in a skirt, but I was go happy to be allowed to go, I didn't mind. I'm glad my parents let me go. It was a time when I wanted to be included in some of the activities that my classmates participated in, and looking back, there was nothing that jeopardized my Faith!

Times have certainly changed! Now there are the fancy roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, & I even saw a kid pop some wheels out of his shoes in Walmart the other day & went gliding down the aisle! Way to go, kids! I think this ole grandma had better keep her feet planted on the ground.

Jeff--trying to keep Carter

on his feet!


Karen Walden said...

I can't believe it used to be so easy! Maybe it was because I didn't still have my old skates! HA! I was definitely not steady on my feet... (I remember those old skates too that you clamped on your shoes! In fact, I used to have some before I got my good roller skates! I didn't know I was that old!!!)

Sheila said...

You probably had the clamp on kind because we were too cheap to buy you shoe skates! :) I think if you would have taken a few laps you would have been more sure on your feet. At least you tried!


Melinda said...

I had the clamp on kind when I was a kid, too! I used to love to roller skate. I'm sure I'd break my neck now!

Michelle said...

Glad to see you have a blog!

I remember those clamp on skates too. I haven't skated in eons!!