Monday, January 21, 2008

Chockie milk & Cinnamon toast

For reasons I'm not quite sure of, I've decided to start this sentimental journey. There are times that I wish I had some quick way to jot down my thoughts, or preserve some of the precious things that my grandchildren do or say. I've enjoyed reading other blogs so much & have realized they are a journal in the making.

So if only for myself, let our journey begin!

This week is my "two day" week for Karen's children. Parker, Peyton & Paige arrived in their jammies about 8:30 & were ready for their "chockie milk & cinnamon toast".

I can remember my Mom making chocolate milk for Steve & me. But she didn't have the Hershey syrup in the squirt bottle to stir up quickly. She did however use "Hershey's powdered cocoa". I can see her putting a heaping spoonful of cocoa & granulated sugar in our drinking glass, adding some milk to stir to make a smooth paste, then added enough milk to fill the glass, swirling until it was well blended! Yummm! It was a special treat & oh so good.

And she didn't just pop her bread in a toaster, spread with butter & sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar like I do. She would take a spoonful or two of fresh milk & drizzle over a couple of pieces of white bread. Then she would pile on the granulated sugar & sprinkle the top with ground cinnamon. Her oven was hot & had a broiler--and that is where she would make our toast. It only took a few minutes to almost caramelize the sugar & cinnamon! It was a delicious treat, even though it wasn't quite as simple as it is now.

Jeff's boys, Carter & Brycen were here last Friday. Usually they have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, but that day I decided to see if they would eat the cinnamon toast. Brycen loved it! Carter ate some, but wasn't eating like he normally would as he had been sick. We will try it again & see if he enjoys it more next time.

So maybe some day in the future, my grandchildren will remember going to Grandma's & having a special treat for breakfast. The sweet smell of cinnamon!


Karen Walden said...

Great start!!! Can I add you to my list of blogger friends soon??? :) Looks good and you already know how to do something I don't! (I don't know how to add a picture of me under the "about me" section!)

Happy Blogging!

Sheila said...

Well....let me get it a little more ready! I'm not sure about all of this!!!

I think I just went to edit my profile & there was a place to insert a picture. I don't know how to do pictures below it though..Love, Mom

Denise said...

Hi Sheila! I'm glad to see you blogging. You are right - it is a great way to journal. That's what I use it for. Someday, I envision myself having time to catch up my scrapbooks. Then I will use my blog for research. :)

I like your photos - BTW, is that California Dreamin' the restaurant in Charleston, SC?