Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When the red, red robin, comes bob, bob bobbin' along...

This past Saturday I made a quick trip to our local mall. While walking across the parking lot I noticed a large tree near the building that appeared to be budding out with large red blooms. And in this tree were several birds. At first glance I thought that I was seeing robins! But this is January & it it too soon for the robins to return to Indiana-I think! I hopped in my car & drove up for a closer look, & sure enough, the tree was full of big fat robins! I wanted to yell out to them.."go back south--you are way too early!"
I remember my Mom saying that when you see the first robin in your yard, spring is just around the corner. Well...I think this time it is waaaaaay around the corner.
Anyway, maybe Spring will come early and the robins are a sign of it's return. Easter is early this year too and I would love to see the first flowers of the season popping their heads out of the ground by then! I've also recently notice several flocks of Canada geese cruising our airways, along with flocks of other birds. Maybe, just maybe, we will have better weather soon!
We had a strong rainstorm move through here tonight. The wind was blowing so hard I actually thought it might break my office window! Finally the storm died down some, & then our local tornado warning sirens went off. Another sign of spring-like weather? We aren't getting too excited though as frigid temperatures are ahead.
Robins, you had better find a nice warm place or make a quick trip to Kentucky or Tennessee!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Flu Bug!

Well, I had plans of blogging and going on and on about my Great-Grandmother tonight, but have decided that will have to wait. The Bug has struck!

Mr. Bug has been in our house for over 2 weeks now & I'm ready to send him South! Bob has been sick for 2 weeks, been to the doctor 3 times, has taken tons of medicine, & Saturday got worse. But after a doctor's office visit today & a Big Shot of some miracle drug (Thanks Karen...) I think he might be getting better. Thank goodness! There is nothing worse than a sick husband who doesn't like Kleenex & had a hamper full of "used" hankies for me to wash. YUCK!!! However, he spent some time in is Car Shop tonight so I'm thinking Mr. Big Shot is already working.

Tell me to never brag. I was talking to a friend this afternoon, pouring my disgusted heart out to her, (not really) and said that I was doing just fine so far. I should never have said it! During supper I began to chill, had a head ache, had burning eyes...& started coughing. Bob looked at me as if to say "oh no...". I about jumped up & down saying I refuse to get this junk! But I ended up in my cozy robe, & finally warmed up so much I'm ready to go put my summer nightgown on!

We also had sick grandkids for about 2 weeks which was just a ton of fun! They are all much better now-except I think Parker's ears might be clogged up. He had a DVD blasting today & when I would turn it down, he would turn it back up. Not a good sign....

Springtime...you can't get here soon enough! Hopefully Mr. Bug will get out of here & life can return to normal, whatever that may be!

More sentimental stuff when I'm not sucha "Hot Mama"...the kind that Advil will cure.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jake the Spelling Champ!

My nephew is a Champ!

Seems like he won the Final Spelling Bee at his grade school in Overland Park, Kansas. He won over all of the other finalists in grades 4-6 at Tomahawk Grade School & will now go on to another competition!

Congratulations Jacob! Keep up the good work. You make us proud. : )

Jacob just celebrated his 12th birthday earlier this month & will be attending Junior High next year. Talk about making his ole aunt feel older than ever!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Saturday was our granddaughter, Kerrigan's, 8th birthday & she celebrated with a roller skating party. What fun! The younger kids loved it but the Mommys & Daddys found out it wasn't as easy as it used to be. And the Grandmas & Grandpas didn't even attempt it!

Kerrigan & Macy

Karen used to be our star roller skater. We have a long driveway, with a circle section in the front, so she had lots of room to roll! And her favorite thing to do was to skate to a routine she had worked out on her "Cabbage Patch Kids" cassette.

Parker & Karen--

holding each other up?

I remember having the clamp on style skates...way back in the '60's! We had a full sized unfinished basement which became my roller rink. I would spend hours whirling around our basement, thinking I was an expert skater! I would go as fast as I could, grab onto the support poles & circle around it as fast as I could. It is a wonder I didn't break my neck!

When I was in the eighth grade our class had a party at the roller skating rink in Columbia. At that time our church frowned on roller rinks for some reason--They must not have approved of the music or thought me might be "dancing on skates"! Amazingly my parents gave me their blessing to go to the party & I remember having a wonderful time. It was so exiting to skate on an actual rink, skate to music, & skate to the blinking lights. I also remember finding out that I was not the expert skater that I thought I was! I was probably the only one there skating in a skirt, but I was go happy to be allowed to go, I didn't mind. I'm glad my parents let me go. It was a time when I wanted to be included in some of the activities that my classmates participated in, and looking back, there was nothing that jeopardized my Faith!

Times have certainly changed! Now there are the fancy roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, & I even saw a kid pop some wheels out of his shoes in Walmart the other day & went gliding down the aisle! Way to go, kids! I think this ole grandma had better keep her feet planted on the ground.

Jeff--trying to keep Carter

on his feet!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chockie milk & Cinnamon toast

For reasons I'm not quite sure of, I've decided to start this sentimental journey. There are times that I wish I had some quick way to jot down my thoughts, or preserve some of the precious things that my grandchildren do or say. I've enjoyed reading other blogs so much & have realized they are a journal in the making.

So if only for myself, let our journey begin!

This week is my "two day" week for Karen's children. Parker, Peyton & Paige arrived in their jammies about 8:30 & were ready for their "chockie milk & cinnamon toast".

I can remember my Mom making chocolate milk for Steve & me. But she didn't have the Hershey syrup in the squirt bottle to stir up quickly. She did however use "Hershey's powdered cocoa". I can see her putting a heaping spoonful of cocoa & granulated sugar in our drinking glass, adding some milk to stir to make a smooth paste, then added enough milk to fill the glass, swirling until it was well blended! Yummm! It was a special treat & oh so good.

And she didn't just pop her bread in a toaster, spread with butter & sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar like I do. She would take a spoonful or two of fresh milk & drizzle over a couple of pieces of white bread. Then she would pile on the granulated sugar & sprinkle the top with ground cinnamon. Her oven was hot & had a broiler--and that is where she would make our toast. It only took a few minutes to almost caramelize the sugar & cinnamon! It was a delicious treat, even though it wasn't quite as simple as it is now.

Jeff's boys, Carter & Brycen were here last Friday. Usually they have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, but that day I decided to see if they would eat the cinnamon toast. Brycen loved it! Carter ate some, but wasn't eating like he normally would as he had been sick. We will try it again & see if he enjoys it more next time.

So maybe some day in the future, my grandchildren will remember going to Grandma's & having a special treat for breakfast. The sweet smell of cinnamon!